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What is the hardest Bible question that you can think of?

So, this is probably the first meta-post that I have created since I relaunched my website after murdering the previous incarnation. I hope that you have enjoyed reading the various articles that I have published over the past couple of weeks. From now on, I hope to publish a new article every Friday. It does take quite a while to put together each article so every now and then there may be a week where I don't publish anything.

Until now, I've created my own narrative in terms of what to talk about. This has included news, discussions on theology and lists of interesting things about the bible. More recently, I even put together a quiz.

Now, here's your chance to direct the future in terms of this website. I'm particularly interested in receiving challenging bible questions, so if you have a question that you'd like to see answered in a future article, then please let me know. You can either tweet me, or add a comment below.

Comments have been enabled for this post so that you can ask your tough bible question. Questions will be answered in future articles.

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Why is it alright that people get bumped off by God and people say "it was for the good of Israel" or look what God did afterwards because she was killed. I'm pretty sure the person getting killed doesn't think so. Do the ends justify the means? Judges 19