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Vicky Beeching's Gay! Who cares?

So, the news it out today that our beloved, well-received Christian Worship leader (and now, media commentator) Vicky Beeching is gay. No doubt, there will be some sort of media frenzy over this. After all, she's a lovely woman and has historically been in a position of leadership, leading worship at large Christian events such as Spring Harvest and Soul Survivor (my personal favourite, in fact I will be attending this year's conference next week).

I just wanted to add my own personal thoughts to this, as if it really matters (I suspect it doesn't). My thoughts are no doubt a tiny ripple in the waves of a potentially outraged Christian community. Actually, I'll take that back. I don't think there will be an outraged Christian community in uproar over this, because frankly, I think most people will have a very similar opinion to mine. Specifically, "so what"? When I read the news, I was not particularly surprised. This is not because I have inside knowledge, or divine knowledge, but rather, because I know there's nothing sinful about being gay and if Vicky was born that way (or even grew to become that way), then that's more of a minor personal struggle than a major issue that should cause people to think twice about having her host events.

Whether or not I should have labelled it a "struggle" is possibly up for debate, but the fact remains that Vicky loves God and has a personal relationship with Him, therefore it's well outside of acceptability for me to have a negative and public opinion about her and her ministry. I'm sure God will continue to bless her.

The challenge is this: Does this news cause you to reconsider having Vicky preach, teach and lead worship at your church?

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